"Chinya" was first founded as a restaurant in Asakusa, Tokyo in 1880 (Meiji 13), and became a sukiyaki specialty store in 1903 (Meiji 36). It has been loved by many customers for generations because of its commitment to its taste and quality which made a name for itself as one of the best sukiyaki restaurants in Tokyo. However, due to the extenuating circumstances such as building deterioration of the store and the influence of world affairs, is was temporarily closed in August 2021.

In spring 2022 to keep the "tradition" and "commitment" of Chinya going it will make a re-opening at a new location in Asakusa.

Sukiyaki is a dish that are often enjoyed on special occasions which brings back family memories and is one of Japan's leading food cultures.
Chinya’s Sukiyaki that started in Asakusa goes beyond generations, crosses borders and connects people.
We hope that "Chinya" will continue to be a place that creates memories for everyone.

Our carefully selected Wagyu Beef


"Teki-Sashi Meat" (registered trademark) is "moderately marbled meat" that does not contain excessive fat. When the female cow has been bred to a sufficient age (30 months) with 4th grade marbling, "Wagyu aroma" is generated from the fat and lean meat when cooked. In addition to its aroma, the perfect balance of umami and sweetness from the meat creates sukiyaki with rich aroma and flavor.

  • Specification 1Kozashi, abundant marbling
  • Specification 2Meat Quality Grade 4
    for its fat content
  • Specification 330 months
    aged beef
  • Specification 4Female
    Black Wagyu
  • Specification 5Beef Carcass is
    less than 480kg

Our beef is sourced exclusively from Japanese Black Wagyu heifer cattle, chosen for its exceptional natural sweetness, and perfectly complimented by our sweet Warishita sauce. All our beef is sourced from 100% purebred Wagyu cattle. We never source beef from crossbreeds or steers.

The cows are bred for 30 months and undergo a sufficient fattening period to produce the umami-rich flavor. The beef is also aged for one month to condense the flavor and enhance the tender texture. Even before the meat is delivered to Chinya, we work with market and wholesale officials, ensuring the best storage and cutting methods to preserve the exquisite umami flavors.

Perfecting the sauce with attention to detail

「ちんや」の適サシ肉 「ちんや」の適サシ肉

Our house blend Warishita sauce is renowned for having a distinctive sweetness, without being overpoweringly sweet. We do not reduce the sauce in either the initial mixing stage, or during Sukiyaki . This produces a sauce bold enough to compliment the rich umami-laden flavors of the matured beef, and mellow enough to enhance the natural succulent tastes of the meat.


We use only the best grade Sukiyaki beef in our Tsukudani. Japanese green onion are provided by Negimasa, a specialist negi merchant in Senju, the area renowned for superior quality negi suppliers. We store the negi upright with the roots intact to ensure maximum freshness. Our tofu is freshly sourced locally in Asakusa from the tofu specialist shop Tochigiya, and our green tea is a proprietary blend based on Shizuoka grown leaves, created and provided by the long-established Masudaen Green Tea Shop, also in Asakusa.